Dental Checkups – Fontainebleau, FL

Be Proactive About Protecting Your Smile

During your preventive dentistry appointments at Dental Specialists Group of Fontainebleau, a complete dental evaluation, x-rays allow our dentists and dental hygienists to look at what is going on beneath the surface of your teeth. Our dentists use this information to detect hidden dental issues and create and implement a customized treatment plan. The main purpose of a routine x-rays, professional oral hygiene treatment, and dental checkups at our Fontainebleau, FL dental office is to save you time, money, pain from dental disease and ensure optimal oral health.

Why are periodic dental checkups necessary?

During your evaluation, our dentists will be able to check and diagnose the following:

  • Cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.
  • Abscesses.
  • Cysts.
  • Bone loss.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Developmental teeth abnormalities.
  • Problems inside your tooth and below the gum line.

What happens during a periodic dental checkup??

Our dental care providers will evaluate your dental and medical history and consider other medical issues to diagnose you properly. New patients will be getting a full dental evaluation and x-rays to have records on file. After your dental evaluation, x-rays, and teeth cleaning, we encourage you to visit our dentists every six months (if there are no issues found) to maintain your optimal oral health. However, if there is a treatment to be done, we would love to help you schedule an appointment to get those oral health issues addressed.

How often should you visit the dentist?

Regular dental exams help improve your oral and overall health. Even if you are missing all of your natural teeth, visiting your dentist at least once in six months is crucial. They can help you maintain the other structures of your mouth and your teeth replacement. Depending on your dental conditions and the treatment plan, your dentist will determine the frequency of your visit. People at a higher risk of dental issues might be asked to visit the dentist every 3-4 months or even more

If you have not undergone periodic dental examinations in the last six months, you should visit your dentist immediately. You can call us at the Dental Specialists Group of Fontainebleau to get your mouth checked by experienced professionals. For more information, please feel free to contact us at (786) 355-440. We offer our dental care services to Doral, Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, Kendall, Sweetwater, Westchester, and Miami, Florida.