Oral Cancer Screening – Fontainebleau, FL

Give Yourself the Best Chance of Successful Treatment

Oral cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer diagnosed globally. However, if this deadly cancer is identified early, it can typically be cured. Identifying the early signs of oral cancer by yourself is tough, but your dentist nearby can thoroughly check your mouth, throat, and other oral regions during preventive dentistry exams to determine if you have the chance of developing oral cancer. Dental Specialists Group of Fontainebleau offers effective oral cancer screening in Fontainebleau, FL to identify this deadly disease at an early stage. This can increase the survival rate of the affected dental patient and might also involve less complicated treatments.

Advantages of Oral Cancer Screening?

  • Oral cancer screening is an easy procedure and can be done within a few minutes. You can ask your dentist, Dr. Charles Krikorian, to perform an oral cancer screening when you visit our dental office for your periodic dental check-ups.
  • Oral cancer is a deadly disease, and it is often identified at later stages, which can cause loss of life. Through the screening process, cancer and cancerous lesions are identified early, increasing the survival chances.
  • The screening procedure is included in your routine dental check-up. Hence, you will not have to bear any additional cost for availing of it.

Who is eligible for oral cancer screening?

Everyone should avail of the oral cancer screening procedure during their routine visit to the dentist. However, the people exposed to the factors of getting oral cancer are at greater risk and should be screened.

You can get your mouth screened for oral cancer by Dr. Charles Krikorian at Dental Specialists Group of Fontainebleau. We offer our services to the communities of Doral, Fontainebleau, Miami Beach, Kendall, Sweetwater, Westchester, and Miami, Florida.

You can find some of the best dentists in Fontainebleau, FL, at Dental Specialists Group of Fontainebleau to perform your oral cancer screening. Your dentist will thoroughly check your mouth during periodic dental exams. But if you have missed a few sessions or feel something unusual inside your mouth, you should go for the screening test right away. The quicker the issues get detected, the higher the chance of it getting cured without any complications.

Who is eligible for oral cancer screening?

  • Heavy alcohol use
  • A previous oral cancer diagnosis
  • History of significant sun exposure increases the risk of lip cancer
  • Tobacco use, for example, cigarettes, cigar pipes, chewing tobacco, and snuff
  • Chewing betel nuts
  • Being infected with a particular type of human papillomavirus( HPV)

What are the signs of oral cancer?

  • White spot with sharply defined borders from normal tissues
  • Red blotches with sharply defined boundaries from normal tissues
  • Open sores that do not heal in two weeks
  • Lumps or bumps growing out of the tissue