All-on-4/6/8 Dental Implants – Fontainebleau, FL

An Efficient Way to Replace All Your Teeth

All-on-four dental implants are used to provide an anchor to replace your missing teeth with artificial ones. All-on-six is a variation of the all-on-four technique and has the same process; however, a dentist uses six dental implants instead of four. All-on-eight is used for dentistry patients who have lost all or most teeth. Our experienced dentists in Dental Specialists Group of Fontainebleau will check your teeth’ conditions before deciding which options, All-on-4/6/8 dental implants in our Fontainebleau, FL dental office, will suit you the best.

What are the advantages of getting the procedure?

  • With all-on-four, a patient’s facial appearance improves, making the patient look even younger.
  • It comes with quicker recovery and long-lasting results. This means that you can resume your duty after one day of placement.
  • All-on-eight allows you to replace all your natural teeth. All on eight improve all your oral activity. With all-on-eight, you are free from any form of tooth removal; therefore, you do not need to go for surgery.
  • All four/six/eight materials are made from porcelain and ceramic resins. This means that they can be molded to look and function like your natural teeth without anyone noticing them.
  • You can trust these tooth replacement solutions, especially when you have lost most of your teeth. All on treatment is the best bet in having stable dentures that act closest to the natural teeth.
  • It allows you to get healthy teeth that feel and function like natural teeth with a stable bite. These implants are even way better than natural teeth because once the crown or bridge breaks, you can attach new ones in a few simple steps.
  • The treatment enables your dentist to rehabilitate all the teeth on your maxillary and mandibular jaws with only one oral surgery. Since there are 4-8 implants involved, there is no need for bone augmentation; the implants determine the depth, angle, and distance as they are placed in the jaw.
  • It is the preferred affordable dental solution. Most patients who miss most teeth prefer all-on treatment because it is the most affordable and has stable structures.

Differences between All-on-4/6/8

  • The four dental implants become part of the jaw bone in all-on-four solutions and form the bases of dental crowns.
  • With all-on-four, the patient does not require extensive reconstruction.
  • For all-on-six, there are two more extra that are implanted.
  • All-on-eight requires more jaw bone than all on four.

Differences between All-on-4/6/8

  • Your dentist takes you through a CT scan, dental x-ray, digital scan, and a dental mold. The reason for this is to support the dental bridge customized for your mouth.
  • A stage that follows is for an appointment. Here, there is an appointment you will get for oral surgery and your implants placed. Since your dentist will be using anesthesia, there are no chances of pain.
  • After four days, the temporary bridge is attached to the implants

Differences between All-on-4/6/8

Getting dental implants depends largely on the state and condition of a patient’s oral health and, most importantly, hygiene. You also need to have enough bone structure in your jaw to support the implants. The reason for this is to ensure the implants have successfully been implanted.

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