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Have you recently eradicated gingivitis or periodontal disease from your mouth and gums? 

If so, then you are feeling good about your mouth and gums. Your teeth have no plaque and tartar and you won’t need to visit your dentist again for another year, right? 

Many patients are not aware that periodontal maintenance is the only sure way to keep gum disease from returning. Periodontal maintenance is regularly performed at certain intervals after procedures such as scaling and root planing. Periodontal maintenance includes the removal of plaque and tartar, scaling and tooth planing and polishing. Your dentist will determine the frequency the periodontal maintenance is needed.

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Our periodontics at Dental Specialist Group are on of the Top 10 Periodontists in Doral, FL. We provide the highest quality periodontics services around. From gingivitis to advanced periodontitis, gum disease has a number of stages and possibilities for treatment. Although catching periodontal disease as soon as possible is a major advantage, we can still help you no matter what stage you are in.

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