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"Root Canal Specialists"

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When you visit Dental Specialists of Doral Group, we want your visit to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. If you are in need of root canal therapy, our office provides each of our patients with state of the art care. From the initial consultation with one of our Doral dentists, to comprehensive evaluations through x-rays and examinations, to the actual treatment, we will educate you on the treatment options available and can support you every step of the way.


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Our Doral Endodontic services include:

Root canal therapy

Root canal re-treatment



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Here at Dental Specialists of Doral Group we provide different dental specialty services. We strive to provide the best dental service in Miami, FL. 

How can Endodontics help me?​

Our Endodontist removes the infected/inflamed pulp, carefully cleans and shapes the canal system and then seals the prepared space. Most treatment is performed in one or two appointments ranging from 30-90 minutes each (depending on the number of canals). Once the treatment is completed, you may be instructed to return to your the office for permanent reconstruction. The restoration of the tooth is an important part of treatment because it seals the cleaned canals from the oral environment, protects the tooth and restores it to function.